Tom Quakenbush - Administrator


Graduated with a BSBA in Marketing and Management from John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. Previously worked as a copier salesman for Lanier, a placement specialist for The Academy of Court Reporting, and the executive director for The Misch Implant Institute. Tom is also a licensed builder specializing in residential remodeling and pre- purchase home inspections.


Guiding Principle: Do what makes you happy. You must enjoy your work.

Advice: Find a job or career that you enjoy. There is nothing worse than doing something that you dislike day after day.


What Keeps You Up At Night: "Sometimes my daughters, but usually unanswered questions about the days work."

Pet Peeves: Bad drivers, poor attitudes

Guilty Pleasures: Peanut butter cookies and potato chips, but not together

Person Most Interested in Meeting: The President of the United States of America.

Greatest Passions: "My family, my friends and Notre Dame Football."

First Choice for a New Career: Professional hammock tester


Most Influential Book: Trinity by Leon Uris

Favorite Restaurant: Nippon Grill - Berkley, Michigan

Favorite Way to Spend Free Time: "Hanging out with my daughters, my wife and my friends."

Dream Car: Blue and white 1956 Corvette convertible

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