AFC Homes

Michigan's Adult Foster Care (AFC) program provides shelter, food, and 24-hour protective oversight to developmentally disabled adults who do not live in their own homes. As an AFC home provider, Community Homes, Inc. is licensed by the State and provides personal care and supervision to persons in need of a residential setting. Such persons, who are unable to live independently but do not require nursing care, include aged, disabled, mentally ill, and developmentally disabled adults.

There are about 4,800 licensed AFC homes throughout the State. These homes serve nearly 40,000 State residents. The operations of some homes are funded by residents' personal resources, supplemental security income, and social security benefits. Other AFC homes receive substantial State and federal Medicaid funding through contracts with the Department of Mental Health (DMH) or Community Mental Health (CMH) boards for specialized residential services. Medicaid funds are also used to pay for mental health clinical services related to residents of AFC homes.


Team Leader:  Lakia Ealy


Team Leader:  Katrina Ivory

Thomas House

Team Leader: Mattie Smith

Our first home. Set in Royal Oak, Michigan, Thomas House is home to six individuals. They receive 24 hour live-in support and participate in supported work programs.