Semi-Independent Program (SIP) Homes

Our Semi-Independent Program provides support, training and counseling needed for developmentally disabled individuals to live alone, with a roommate in their own apartment or home as they work toward greater independence. Supports and Services vary based on the identified strengths, needs, abilities and preferences of the individual. These may include:

  • Meal Preparation
  • Shopping
  • Money Management
  • Home or Apartment Maintenance
  • Accessing Resources
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Community Living
  • Social and Leisure Skills
  • Medication Monitoring

Staffing varies based on the needs of the individual being served.

14 Mile SIP

Team Leader: Ralph Kohn

Alden SIP

Team Leader: Toi Globe

Arbor Home

Team Leader: Sarah Lash


Team Leader: John Pilszak

Breckenridge has a 900 sq. ft. two bedroom unit on the second floor and a 1000 sq. ft. two bedroom unit on the first floor. Both units have new carpet, paint, windows, and lighting. They both have updated kitchens and baths. There are two new furnaces and air conditioners, as well as separate water heaters. The home has a full basement accessible to both units and laundry facilities are shared. This home also features an extra side lot, as well as, a nice back yard.

Community Homes, Inc. purchased Breckenridge with funds from HUD and MSHDA. The rent is calculated using a HUD subsidy formula. Each individual is responsible for the payment of utilities shared with his/her roommate. Community Homes also was granted the equivalent of up to 10 support hours for each consumer for the first three years of this grant. Support staff can be used to assist with many items such as budgeting, shopping, cleaning and socializing. In order for an individual to be successfully independent we believe a person centered plan identifying specific needs and skills is necessary. An individual should then have a budget created to include the necessary supports.


Team Leader: Phil Kyles


Team Leader: Jerome Beard

Gardner SIP

Team Leader: Deanna Prather 

Gloede SIP

Team Leader: Lisa DeFillippo

Griffith SIP

Team Leader: Ralph Kohn

Hadley Home

Team Leader: Elaine Major

Herbert SIP

Team Leader: Mary Powell

Herrold Apartments  SIP

Team Leader: Tracey Hursey

The eight adults living in Herrold Apartments receive between 10 and 80 hours of support each week. Most have full time jobs in the community. All would be homeless if not for this opportunity.

This building was purchased in 1990 with funds from The Department of Housing and Urban Develpment (HUD) and the Michigan State Housing Development Association (MSHDA).

Hillside SIP

Team Leader: TBD


Team Leader: Markita Saylor


Team Leader: Lisa DeFillippo


Team Leader: Carolyn Lawhorn-Thompson


Team Leader: Mary Powell


Richard SIP

Team Leader: Lisa DeFillippo


Team Leader: TBD

Waterford West

Team Leader: John Grawey


Team Leader: Berry Gist

Wellington is a private residence with 24 hour support for two gentlemen, one of which has lived here his entire life. Both work in a sheltered workshop and are happily independent.